The Sports Leadership Podcast - Episode 7

What is influence? Essentially, it’s your ability to impact those around you. It’s crucial for your career as well as your personal relationships.


When people meet you, the instinctively ask the following questions:

  1. Can I trust you? (Character)
  2. Do I like you? (Chemistry)
  3. Do you know what you’re doing? (Competency)
  4. Can you help me achieve what I’m trying to achieve? (Credibility)

Positive answers on those questions can take you beyond mere transactions and build meaningful relationships. But all of us are wired differently and have different strengths and blind spots.

In Episode 7 of the Sports Leadership Podcast, Kevin DeShazo of Fieldhouse Leadership and I discuss the Four C’s of influence and how to identify and develop them in your career (link below).

In our next episode we will discuss self preservation, which is one of the big roadblocks for unlocking meaningful relationships and true influence. 

As mentioned on the show, we all have a natural “voice”. For more on this topic, visit

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